IGEL Premium Series Versão para impressão

ImageIGEL Premium Series
Powerful new Clever Client generation

Computing-intensive applications and multimedia functionality are a perfect fit for the IGEL Premium Clever Clients delivering unparalled performance. The products are compatible with Linux and Windows XP and all standard server systems. An impressive variety of device interfaces and supported protocols ensures future expansion and greater flexibility.

A new generation – IGEL-5512 XP Premium
IGEL-5512 XP Premium is the flagship of the Premium series and provides Clever Clienting ® technology on the Windows XP platform. Its impressive multitude of software functionalities are saved to a generously sized Compact Flash module. Due to the excellent performance and flexible upgradeability, this high-performance Thin Client meets the most diverse demands.

Maximum flexibility – Linux clients
The Premium series of IGEL combines the multifaceted options of the Embedded Flash Linux operating system and flexible hardware into a functional unit. The IGEL client has an open PCI slot and a PCMCIA slot and allows for a variety of hardware components that can be integrated quickly and easily. Depending on the model, there are also available divers Plugins, Java Runtime Environment, Mplayer as well as SAP GUI.

For special applications – IGEL-564 X-Term
Model IGEL-564 X-Term was designed as a high performance replacement for the classic X terminal. X11/XDMCP is the only protocol the terminal supports and it is for use in a pure Unix/Linux server environment.


Advantages of the Premium series

  • High-performance hardware for sophisticated server-based computing needs
  • Can be used in heterogeneous networks as a result of the supported protocols
  • Flexible expansion with additional hardware ensure future adaptability
  • Access to web-based applications using integrated browser / Java

Key features:

  • 1 GHz VIA C3™ LP
  • latest Citrix ICA and RDP clients
  • expanded Citrix Program Neighborhood functionality
  • ThinPrint Client for bandwidth-optimized printing
  • PowerTerm Terminalemulation with Winconnect
  • IGEL Remote Management Suite
  • SAP GUI for Java - 5128 LX Enterprise
  • Integrated Smartcard reader
  • four USB 2.0 Ports, two accessible from the front
  • PCMCIA slot
  • DVI interface

The series includes the following models:

  • IGEL-564 LX Premium
  • IGEL-5128 LX Premium
  • IGEL-5128 LX Enterprise
  • IGEL-5512 XP Premium
  • IGEL-564 X-Term

The resistant metal casing is available in black, PC-grey or bicolor silver-grey metallic.