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ImageIGEL Smart Series
easy to manage, cleverly used

The most important features of the IGEL Smart series are flexibility, reliability and cost-efficiency. The IGEL Smart clients are equipped with a broad range of the latest network and communication protocols and offer exceptional utilization flexibility. Regardless of whether you decide to go for a Smart with Windows CE or IGEL Embedded Flash Linux, the IGEL Clever Client architecture will satisfy your specific requirements quickly and easily.


  • Use the three models of the Smart series for maximum efficiency in any system world, from Citrix, Windows and Linux to host applications
  • Integrate your external branch offices into your IT system through VPN
  • Take advantage, free of charge, of easy and secure firmware updates, which are supported by the fail- save mechanisms of IGEL

Main features:

  • 200 MHz CPU
  • 32 MB Compact Flash memory
  • IGEL remote management suite for easy remote administration
  • Extensive software support for USB-WLAN, DSL and VPN
  • Multiple additional functions, such as multi-session / host functionality, print server, VPN to expand the performance spectrum
  • Latest Citrix ICA and RDP Linux and CE clients, LX and CE version only
  • Terminal emulation suite for various terminals: IBM 3270, 5250, Wyse Tandem, HP, SNI, DG, ANSI/ASCII, 132-Legacy only
  • Integrated authentication protocol Kerberos for secure access to host applications, 132-Legacy only

The series includes the following models:

  • IGEL-132 LX Smart
  • IGEL-132 CE Smart
  • IGEL-132 Legacy

The resistant metal casing is available in black, PC-grey or bicolor silver-grey metallic.