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ImageWinestra Series

IGEL presents the classic among the IGEL Clever Clients in a new, appealing look: the IGEL Winestra Series. This particularly flexible and versatile Client can be integrated into any existing IT environment with no difficulty. It is the universal desktop. Whether in a Microsoft server environment, in collaboration with a Citrix Metaframe, or as a terminal in a mid-range or mainframe environment, the IGEL Winestra always delivers outstanding performance.


  • Can be used in heterogeneous networks
  • Flexible expansion is possible by means of additional hardware
  • Multi-platform compatibility as a result of the supported protocols
  • A wide array of different interfaces for flexible matching

Key Features:

  • 533 MHz VIA C3 Eden CPU
  • 64 MB RAM, resp. 128 MB for the IGEL-464
  • IGEL Embedded Flash Linux operating system
  • Up-to-date Citrix ICA and Windows RDP Linux clients and CE clients
  • Extended Citrix Program Neighborhood functionality
  • Powerterm Emulation Suite, IGEL-464 LX Winestra
  • ThinPrint Client for bandwidth optimised printing
  • Integrated PCI-Slot supporting WLAN, ISDN, DSL and Token Ring cards

The series includes the following models:

  • IGEL-432 LX Winestra
  • IGEL-464 LX Winestra

The resistant metal casing is available in black, PC-grey or bicolor silver-grey metallic.